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Lab Worker


We are interested in environmental change, particularly how land-use and climate change are impacting freshwater ecosystems. Our research focuses on three broad areas:

  1. Impacts of climate and nutrient enrichment on lakes and streams.

  2. Ecosystem resilience, regime shifts, and recovery in freshwater systems.

  3. The importance land use and legacy contaminants in altering aquatic ecosystems.

Because changes to the environment often occur over large areas and at timescales of decades or longer our lab employs a variety of techniques including lake survey studies, paleolimnology, and the analysis of long-term data sets to meet our research objectives.

Aquatic Plants

We study how humans are changing the near-shore habitat of lakes and rivers.

Pollution of lakes and rivers

We study pollution of freshwater ecosystems focusing on microplastics, phosphorus, and mine and industrial waste.

Extreme Events

We are interested in how the activity of extreme climate events like storm surges and wildfires are altered by climate change and what that means for freshwaters ecosystems.

Environmental Change

We study environmental change on timescales of decades to millennia and how these changes impact freshwater ecosystems.
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